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How podcasts make money: 11 ways to do it

When Corti and I first thought about monetizing our podcasts in 2019, we never thought we’d actually make a profit from the content we shared.  At that point, Corti had been making his podcast, En.Digital for two years and I had been doing Planeta M. for 1 year. That was just about the time that we created Tribucaster, (the podcast we share together) and between the two of us, we had about 25,000 plays per…

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Cost to produce a podcast

Generating content has a high price tag. It takes lots of time, resources, tools, knowledge… it’s undeniable.  In spite of this, podcasts have production costs that are lower than many other types of content. One minute of video content is much more expensive than one minute of audio for example.  This lowered price of admission is what explains podcasts’ exponential growth over the past years. 2020 was the year of podcasting and currently, it is…

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How to get sponsors for podcasts

When Corti and I mentioned that we had found two annual sponsors for our podcasts (En.Digital, Planeta M y Tribucasters) for the 2020-21 season, some of our listeners asked us how to get sponsors for podcasts.  This question got us thinking and inspired us to do a special episode on Tribucasters where we brought together some podcasters who had found sponsors and brands that had sponsored a podcast.  It seemed like the best way to…

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